The rate of adipositas (pathological obesity) has significantly increased worldwide over the past decade and threatens to develop into an endemic disease. Meanwhile every 3rd citizen in Germany is overweight. This may cause substantial health consequences in those affected by the disease.

Gastric banding

In Europe and Australia, gastric band surgery was long the most frequently performed operation. Meanwhile, this type of surgery is also performed in the USA with increasing frequency, as the band has been... more Informations>>>

Gastric bypass

In the USA, gastric bypass surgery is standard and is meanwhile also being performed quite frequently in Europe... more Informations>>>

Sleeve gastrectomy Sleeve gastrectomy is the latest surgical approach towards the reduction of excess weight. Originally, sleeve gastrectomy was the first step of... more Informations>>>
Gastric balloon The gastric (stomach) balloon is mostly inserted in the lower adipositas segment (1st degree obesity/adipositas). In some cases, however, it also serves for weight reduction...more Informations>>>
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