The gastric (stomach) balloon is mostly inserted in the lower adipositas segment (1st degree obesity/adipositas). In some cases, however, it also serves for weight reduction in extremely obese patients to realise an operable condition.


The stomach balloon is positioned endoscopically. A gastroscopy is performed to exclude other stomach disorders. Afterwards, the empty balloon consisting of soft silicone is inserted in the stomach under gastroscopic surveillance. Once positioned in the stomach, the balloon is filled with a dyed sodium chloride solution. The filling capacity depends on the size of the stomach and lies between 400 to 700 ml.

Active principle

The balloon fills out a large share of the stomach. After the surgery, patients will only be able to consume slight quantities of food and the feeling of satiation sets in earlier. 
Due to the aggressive stomach acid, the balloon may only stay in the stomach for a limited time (six months). After this time, it is removed. The patients should receive nutrition and exercise counselling during the time the stomach balloon is inserted.

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